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Apply for VISA to Spain In South Africa

Business Visa

This category of visa caters for people wishing to stay in Spain for a period maximum 3 months for work reasons (to sign the contract etc) but does not allow to carry out the professional activity.

Applicant will have to provide evidence that he/she falls under this category.

Dear Applicants, Travel Agents and Representatives, please view the revised visa fee and service charges applicable from 1 January 2018 -:

Visa Type Visa Fees in Rands
Business Visa R 964.00
Children between 6-12 years R 562.00
Children below 6-0 years No Fee

The above mentioned Visa Fee is to be paid by cash or card.

Note: Exemption of Visa Fee for a child is applicable only in the case of Short Term category, if the child's age is less than 6 years at the date of submission.

The Visa Fee is subject to change without notice'

BLS International Service charge

Applicants applying at the Spanish visa application Centre shall be levied a service charge of R248.00 (inclusive of tax) payable in cash. Children under 6 are exempted from service charge.

Please note:
  • The fee is non-refundable
Accepted Payment Methods :
  • Credit and Debit Cards – Visa and Master Card.
  • Cash Payment at the Centre


Supporting documents must be in English (documents submitted in Spanish will be interpreted by the Embassy) and in the following order by the following provincial jurisdiction:

Embassy of Spain in Pretoria - For the consular and visa services residents in the provinces of Pretoria, Limpopo, Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West, Free State and Lesotho

Consulate of Spain in Cape Town - For the consular and visa services residents in the provinces of Northern, Eastern, Western Cape and all coastal regions Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, East London, Port Elizabeth, Madagascar, Mauritius and Comoros

Please note:

Under no circumstance will we accept applications that fall under the wrong jurisdiction

1. One Schengen visa application form (fully completed and signed).

2. Passport (original):
a. Passport must be valid for 6 months in order for us to take on the application.
b. Passport must be valid for at least 3 months after travellers stay in Spain
c. Issued with maximum of 10 years of validity.
d. With at least 2 blank pages.
e. Copy of the passport.

3. Photograph:
a. 1 recent colour photograph; size: 4.5cmx3.5 cm.
b. The background of the Photograph must be white.
c. Not more than 6 months old.
d. Acceptable format involves visibly showing facial characteristics of the applicant, from the tip of the chin to the top of the head, counting both, left and right, sides of the face and both ears must be shown, while the face is positioned in the centre of the photo.
e. For applicants that are wearing a Veil (Hijab ) the Photograph must show the same like option d, if the applicant does not want to remove the Hijab at the centre for the live Photograph that will be captured when doing biometrics we will accept the ID Photograph after confirming that the person in the ID Photograph matches the person applying

4. Itinerary:
a. Trip to Spain drawn up by the applicant which must include the following : -
Dates of trip.
Entries and exit dates from each Schengen state.
Amount of days in each country and total amount in Schengen states.

5. Means of transport:
a. Valid flight ticket/train ticket/ferry ticket booked according to the passport showing Spain as the main destination. Reservations for all ticket bookings not paid for will also be accepted.
b. Movement between the Schengen states must be shown (flights, car hire, train bookings).

6. Accommodation for the entire period of the stay in Schengen territory must be presented in:
a. Hotel booking/reservation. Time sharing booking not paid for will also be accepted (with name of applicant on it or explanation on who the person has booked is).
b. Tours and cruises need to come with the paid or unpaid invoicing.
c. In case of private invitation - official letter of invitation, authorized by the police in Spain, copy of the host’s passport/ID in all Schengen countries visiting with utility bills (water, electricity, etc.) and civic registration.
d. When payment has been made for private accommodation (villa, house, apartment), the owner must provide a copy of his passport and proof of ownership (property ownership or leasing) and official letter of invitation, authorized by the police in Spain.

7. Medical Travel Insurance:
a. Travel insurance certificate issued by insurance company as per the EU guidelines is mandatory.
b. Name of beneficiary (according to passport), validity, and schedule of benefit and amount covered. Medical repatriation expenses must be included.
c. Insurance must cover assistance in the Schengen area not “reimbursement” and a minimum coverage of 30.000 €.

8. Letter of employment
a. Provide a signed original letter of employment stating salary/annual cost to company and date of employment inception.
b. Self-employment (directors, CEO, Board Members): proof of company registration (commercial license or latest VAT certificate).

9. Proof of economic means:
a. Present, not older than a month, original last 3 months bank statements (savings, cheque, credit card account etc) must have the ink stamp from inside the bank. Electronic stamps and online statements will not be accepted.
b. Expenses covered by the company do not exempt from personal bank statements.
c. For stays up to 9 days, minimum amount required is 580,77Euros approx. (R8300 per person approx.). For stays for more than 9 days add an additional amount of 64,53Euros per day (R790 per person).
d. Booking of foreign exchange could be taken into consideration however it does not exempt you from not handing in your bank statements.
e. If sponsored, a letter signed by sponsor and their bank statements (sponsors are spouses, parents or other direct relatives) and one must provide proof of relationship (Marriage certificate, Birth Certificate ……)
f. When using companies´ bank statements, the proof of the company registration confirming the business and name of owner (commercial license OR latest VAT certificate) must be submitted.
g. If no bank account, provide affidavit explaining the same.
h. In case of an overdraft, an overdraft summary report must be submitted.

10. For minor applicants:
a. Certified copy of the full or unabridged birth certificate. The unabridged birth certificate is needed even if both parents are travelling with the minor(s).
b. In case the minor is travelling alone or with one parent, a certified written consent letter from the parent/legal guardian signed before Commissioner of Oaths with the full or unabridged birth certificate. The sample letter can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website.
c. Certified copy of parent’s ID or passport.
d. Signed original letter from the school confirming enrolment, confirming travel dates, and date of return.
e. The visa fee will be waived for children under six years;

11. Spouse or children of EU Citizen (only when travelling together with EU National or joining):
a. Passport, as described in point 2
b. Application form.
c. ID photograph as described in point 3
d. Submit only the flight tickets of the EU National.
e. Certified copies of the marriage certificate or the full birth.
f. Certified copy of the EU passport.

12. Studies in Spain up to 90 days:
a. Admission to a teaching institution, public or private, officially recognized by the Spanish authorities.

13. Business/Professional Trips/Conference:
a. Letter of invitation from the Spanish company
b. Letter of employment confirming purpose of trip, dates, relation with the Spanish company and applicant’s employment status must be signed.
c. Proof of registration with organizer of conference or fair.

14. Non South African nationals:
a. Certified copy of Home Affairs document proving permanent residency or original passport with residency permit.
Commented [R1]: What are the EU guidelines?
For temporary residents, the residency must be at least for 6 months after the date of return.
b. Letter of employment, details of date started, occupation, salary and leave approval.
c. 6 months bank statement up to date of submission.
d. If acquired residence through marriage to a SA Citizen, spouse might be required by consulate for personal interview.

15. Students of other nationalities:
a. Letter from the school/university confirming attendance (enrolment letter not accepted).
b. 6 months bank statements up to date of submission, if supported by parents a letter from them with their original bank statements.
c. If the SA permit is about to expire visa will not be granted unless it has been renewed prior to the date of appointment.
d. Parental consent for minors under 18 years.

16. Groups: for groups of 15 -29 people, applications must be submitted 15 working days before the collection date. Groups of 30 people and bigger, applications must be submitted one month before the collection date.
a. 2 copies of a list in alphabetical order on the surname.
b. Classify the applications in sub-groups, according to the dates of travelling.
c. Only 1 application form per person.
d. 1 photo per person.
e. Passports: check point 2
f. All the passports must be organized in alphabetical order, with all the related documents inside each passport, in the same order for all the passengers.
g. Flight tickets, can be taken individually or collectively (in this case including all the names).
h. Travel insurance can be also taken individually or collectively for the group (in this case all the names must be stated in the policy).
i. Financial means: check point 9.
j. Letter of employment: check point 8.
k. Minors: check point 10.
l. A signed letter from the group host/sponsor confirming all the applicants and responsibility for the group.
m. School pupils, students and post graduate students accompanying teachers who undertake trips for the purpose of study or educational training: original letter of the school or organizing institution with all the names of students and teachers.

17. Seaman:
a. Continuous discharge Seaman´s book and copy of the same.
b. 3 month’s stamped bank statements
c. A letter from the shipping agents details:
  • name and surnames;
  • nationality;
  • date and place of birth;
  • passport and Seaman´s book details (number, date of issued and expiration);
  • occupation;
  • name and flag of the ship;
  • date and airport of entry in Spain;
  • Seaport of embarkation in Spain, length of stay of seafarers on the ship, seaport of landing of seafarers, date of return to the country of origin of seafarers, itinerary to be followed by seafarers to travel to Spain and to return to country of origin.

Note: The above is not an exhaustive list of documentation. Applicant can be requested to submit additional documents or may be called for an interview (if required) by the Embassy. The visa fee, according to Schengen regulations, is non-refundable.

All original documents must always be accompanied by at least one photocopy of the same.

Note: We regret we cannot accept photographs that do not meet these requirements

Please provide one recent photograph (not more than 6 months old) of yourself, which should not have been used previously in the passport. The photograph should be in colour and:

1. Taken against white background so that features are distinguishable and contrast against the background.

2. Clear share quality and with the face in focus.

3. Printed on normal photographic paper (camera print).

4. Full face, non-smiling [without sunglasses, a hat/cap or other head covering, unless the applicant wears such items because of their religious belief or ethnic background]

5. Please stick the Photograph on the Visa Application Form.

Note: Please follow these instructions carefully. If photographs presented do not meet these requirements your application will be considered incomplete

Applications accepted at the Spain Visa Application Centre will be submitted on the next working day at the Embassy of Spain/Consulate General of Spain. Once the application has been submitted, the applicant can be further requested additional documentation in support of the same. Please note as per the instructions received from Embassy of Spain minimum processing time is 15 Calendar days (It may delay depending on case to case).

All applications must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the proposed date of travel to accommodate any unforeseen processing delays.

Processing time will start excluding the date of submission of application at BLS International Services.

Applicants submitting the applications with short processing time will be required to approval before submission.

Visa Application Form (English Language)

Visa Application Form (Spanish Language)

All Application submitted at visa application centre should have English/Spanish Application forms only.

Please Note:

The forms are in PDF format.

You will need an Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and download this form. Please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To Download a Form:

1. Click on the form link

2. When the form opens, save the form on your computer.


1. Press the right button on your mouse on the required link.

2. Select Save Target As from the list.

3. Save the form on your computer.